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In the past 3 years Richard Kaiser has become a household name in the Dayton marketing community.  Building upon his college experiences of working in print, television, and sales Richard brought an integrated approach to the digital industry.  Richard first joined the team at Atomic Interactive where he developed his knowledge of digital marketing.  He provided web based solutions to clients using media ranging from web site design to social media and then providing inbound marketing tactics with search engine optimization and blogging.  His experiences would lead him to Penny | Ohlmann | Neiman to provide these solutions to small, mid-sized and start up companies.  Integrating traditional and digital into an integrated marketing communication strategy would provide his clients with huge strides and led to double-digit revenue growth for several clients.

After playing an integral role in rebranding the agency as The Ohlmann Group and providing tangible results for clients, Richard was brought into his current role with the team at Graphica.  Now working with Graphica’s impressive client roster which includes companies such as: Target, Walgreens, Airstream, Honeywell Aerospace, Momentive Specialty Chemicals, Holloway, Crown Equipment Corporation, and other household names he provides strategic counsel into using digital marketing to build their brands.


Active involvement in the local Dayton community has been a focal point of Richard’s personal life. He is currently the a board member of the Dayton Opera, the Muse Machine, Stiver’s High School Advisory Board, and often volunteers time to helping other nonprofits to craft their communications strategies.


Richard speaks on a variety of topics from social media and branding to generation gaps and creativity. He has led discussions on mobile applications and is a frequently sited in local publications on Internet marketing.

Turn ons include: caffeine, blogging, advocating for Dayton, telling people he doesn’t have a tv, + long walks on the beach

Turn offs include:  karaoke + being told he looks like Justin Beiber

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  1. Mysterious One

    Hi there. I want to thank you for taking the initiative for making a pro-nerd and anti-jock webpage because I’ve been picked on by bullies for being different form them. And I hate it like hell. And so, I can relate to nerds and geeks better than jocks and other bullies. In other words, I’ve no pity whatsoever for bullies. So if any bad things happen to them, I gloat over their misfortunes.

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