chris milk is neato

chris milk is neato

Chris Milk is neato, but his work is epic.  He has done videos for Audioslave, Modest Mouse, Kayne West; he’s made commercials for Nike, Nintendo, and L.L. Bean.  If you watch his videos you’ll notice one huge over-riding theme: he is a storyteller.

One of his latest pieces that he’s rolled out in 2009 is a short that in it’s entirety the credits are as equally long as the short film = just under 48 seconds.  It’s a dream sequence recalling the snippets of one man’s life…and it’s incredible how much of a roller coaster ride Milk can put you through in 48 seconds with Last Day Dream.

In 2010, Milk has changed his game.  His two projects this year include The Wilderness Downtown and The Johnny Cash Project.

The Wilderness Downtown is nothing short of incredible…if you haven’t seen this please do.  The project ties in the music of Arcade Fire, Google Maps, HTML5, and human emotion.  The runner (picture up top) runs through the neighborhood that you enter (supposed to be the place you grew up) and pulls images from Google Maps.  With the interactive element of writing a postcard to your former self…..human emotion + nostalgia.

The Johnny Cash Project is equally impressive.  Having the rights to use Johnny Cash’s last song, Milk has created a crowd-source platform where people can use an online paint tool, to redesign one scene from the video.  The redesigned images are placed into a pool that are selected at random or filtered by paramaters.

In looking at both of these projects the overall execution is beautiful, but the strategy behind them is far more power.  The user becomes part of the process of creation and thus has buy in for the end product.  It’s all about putting fun into the user experience!  This is an incredibly powerful element, because once you have buy-in then you also have created an army of brand ambassadors who while spread the message virally.  Milk has taken story telling to a new level.

But what else would you expect from the man who thought of having a broken heart sing into a piece of broccoli?

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