I HATE JOCKS: A survival guide for freaks, weirdos, and social outcasts.

It’s been almost two years since I’ve began sculpting out the concept for this book.  It’s taken on different directions and all too often sat on a shelf waiting on me to complete other projects.

Let me take a step back and introduce you to the book.  I’m looking to crowd-source a book written by creatives for young creatives.  I wish to provide a “no-holds barred” advice to teens and adults in their early 20’s.  The book is to be free of any Dr. Laura finger wagging or “expert opinions” and in their place will be the real gritty details of what it means to feel isolated, how to deal with feelings of suicide, real advice on dealing with bullies, drugs, alcohol, and caring for your fellow man.

Why write this?  The goal is simple: a book that can be handed to a young creative (not so unlike you or myself) in the hopes that this provides them with the guidance that they are not alone.  Providing a clear message that in fact, yes, high school sucks, and by the time you get to college you’ll get to meet more likeminded people…but it still kind of sucks, but by the time you make it into “the real world” people will be looking to you to provide their organizations with ideas to lay the future ground work.

Now I’m reaching out for help.   There are many ways that you can can come to the table to make this book come to life.  I’m asking for help through contributors who feel that they have a powerful story to share (angry teen to successful creative)…or if writing isn’t your strong suit maybe you would be willing to help artistically through designing the cover….maybe you are able to help with some of the financial burden of going to print and marketing costs (yes, even a marketing strategist can’t get a free website).

If you’re interested in the project, please contact me through my web form and let’s talk about how you can help!

Thank you for your consideration and remember, we’re all in this together.




  1. Hi Richard. I woke up this morning considering Jocks vs the Nerds and how through most recorded history it has always been. N (never) E (ending) R (remarkable) D (delight). A story from my grade school years. Now understand that my parents always encouraged us (my sister and I) in every way they could think of and did not explain to us how we were different so we simply did not know we were not the same as everyone else. That came as quite a shock when going out into the “real world”. To me Jocks are synonymous with the term Bully for many reasons and they earned their title same as Nerds earned our title, many truths to it. Rewind to my sixth grade year (I am now 56). We had a Jock (quite athletic) girl in our class and because of her size and athletic abilities (which in reality is all she possessed, sadly) she ran rampant over the rest of us. She would make us do her home work. Beat us up if we did not do as she said, etc. The teachers knew what was going on but did nothing to stop it. One day on the playground, she and her groupies cornered a very shy fellow NERD, demanding her lunch money and were intimidating her beyond belief. I had, had enough. Looking back on it, not sure if I was brave or stupid but this is a real story. Here this girl is, about a foot taller than I and much, much larger in bone structure and muscle with her most intimidating stance and here I was saying, enough is enough much smaller than she. I strode up into the middle of the fray, in front of the poor girl they were intimidating in a secluded corner of the playground, grabbed the bully by the arm and said, “We are going to the office, you are out of control!” By this time there was a crowd large enough that the teachers saw something was going on, unable to ignore the situation any longer. They ignored this bully intimidating one on one but how do you ignore 50 students all huddled together with the aggressive one and one not known to cause problems in the middle? The Jock hit me once before the teachers grabbed her, this time she could not hide what she had done. Yes it hurt BUT when it was all sorted out in the office. My mother being called in and telling them that I had done exactly as instructed by her regarding how to handle bullies, things were settled. The bully/jock was expelled from school and none of us had to deal with her abuse ever again. Not sure what happened to her and I do not at all feel sorry or regretful about her being expelled. The key is, if confronting a Jock (I also call them jokes) make sure it is very public because the way they get away with what they get away with is doing it in private and sneaky. Another life example was after grown. A friend of mine was staying with me after a break up with a Jock. While I was at work, the jock came to MY HOME, blocked my driveway and demanded that she come out of the house. She called me, I came home immediately (my Son was in the house with my friend). When I arrived, I pulled my car up nose to nose with hers and said “GET OUT OF MY DRIVEWAY BEFORE I MOVE YOU AND YOUR RATTY CAR OUT OF IT WITH MY CADILLAC! ” I don’t think she thought I would risk my car in that way (it was fully insured) and was quite surprised when I got back into my car and moved hers out of my space. It was quite exciting and what is amazing is how others do not want to get involved and no police were called. Sad actually but we have to take matters into our own hands with Jocks/Bullies. So when the driveway was clear and my friend and Son were on the porch asking what to do, I told them to get in the other car and meet me at the police station. The Jock/bully harassed them on the way until in eye sight of the police station. When we arrived, we filed a report and the next day we filed for a restraining order. In summary, do not put up with a bully but do not lower yourself to their methods of doing things in private. Expose it and they will calm down. The authorities are obligated (often not until they have to though) to take care of aggressive people like this. These days are even better, most cameras have video capabilities and there is always public media on the internet to make their subversive bully/joke (oh I mean jock) ways quite public, exposing them for what they are. Good luck with your book, it is quite needed with our youth. They are going to do great things, already have considering the past 100 years. I blame the Jocks aggressive and careless ways for how the environment currently is. No NERD that I know would have risked the environment for something as fleeting as money and I know quite a few (nerds that is).

  2. So much hate. Is it because you are jealous that we are physically more capable than you? Not all of us are jerks. You seem to have proved that you, highschool-outcasts, can only b-tch about us on the net and not in our faces.

    • this message to “A jock” above my reply. No body cares how “impressive” u are or that your so “perfected”. just keep ur un-necassary thoughts to urself. or better yet, shut up.

    • First let me say that I feel your pain. Growing up I was always slower, not as strong, and a lot nerdy than other kids in school. In a lot of ways this is what caused me to rebel, because I felt inadequate to “the jocks”.

      So, you’re question is why does Mr. Tough Guy always try to impress the girls. It’s actually pretty easy to figure out, because in most instances… that’s all he’s got to work with. Most jocks work at building muscles because they’re not good at other things, specifically academia. They struggle with school work and instead of addressing that issue it is easier for them to act out and draw attention to themselves (this type of behavior is also almost always seen with “the class clown”). It’s easy to be the class clown, it’s easy to act the role of the dumb jock. It’s hard to educate yourself in that environment, but here’s a secret that you won’t learn until you get through high school:

      They are not very likely to be successful in the modern world.

      By college they no longer get away with the facade of being the jock, because college is much different…if you don’t do the work, you will fail and they will kick you out (because they don’t have to pass you in order for to get grant money from the government). So what typically happens is that they end up getting crappy sales jobs selling insurance, while their bosses demand more and more out of them using the same stupid competitive crap they learned on the football fields “winning is everything”….it’s not.

      The conclusions I have come to now that I’m older and perhaps a little wiser, is that I should have felt sorry for them, because they have no idea how shitty their lives are going to turn out. The guys that used to beat me up, now work at jobs that are so boring it would drive me to insanity. Not being a jock is easily the reason why I have become very successful. I focused on educating myself and not throwing/catching a ball, or slapping each other on the ass and then ironically calling other people gay….sigh….

      Don’t worry about the jocks or the popular girls. Focus on you. If you need advice on impressing girls, ask them questions about them…don’t try to win them over by showing how big your muscles are…win them over by showing how good you are at listening (I still do this today). Because insecure jocks will always go with the insecure popular girls, but out there is a girl who is smart and caring….they are always better than someone who would treat you like crap (I learned this the hard way multiple times).

      Let me promise you one thing. It gets better. While there are always “dumb jocks” in this world, if you can get past it, you can have a pretty amazing life. At 30 years old, I’m starting my own business with my best friend; the girl I’m dating is going to be a doctor in neuro-psychology and is beautiful and amazing…. and the guy who beat me up when I was your age…he’s still selling insurance and barely scrapping by…

      I hope this helps. Please feel free to reach out anytime you’re having issues, questions, or just want to say hello (richard@lionandpanda.com)

      Take my young friend. I wish you way more than luck.
      Richard J Kaiser

    • This is one reason why many have suggested that I change the title of the book, it’s somewhat offensive. That’s also why I like it. I do want to be clear about what I mean. I hate jocks, I do not hate athletes and there is a difference. Jocks tend to think that they are somehow better than people who are not athlete and tend to go out of their way to prove as much. An athlete is simply someone who loves sports and is invested to challenge themselves and not to make others feel bad. As for myself, I held 4 school records in high school for swimming, I considered myself athletic and was in great physical shape…so rest assured, I didn’t just bitch about this on the internet and am happy to debate face to face.

    • That’s because you wouldn’t face one of us alone, you always have a wall of people to cower behind.

    • I actually agree I mean some of these jocks R really sweet and nice, yah sometimes they act like jerks but some of them R really nice and U have to get to know them more. They only pick on the nerds or the geeks is because U guys r intimidated by them so U look at them as a threat and they take advantage. Just chill. At my school a lot of jocks r really smart and nice and they r my best friends. I’m a girl just so u kno lol. So just be loose and U will be fine.

  3. I’m still in 6th grade, and i was looking up how to deal w/ jocks. There’s this really annyoing kid in our class, and all he ever does is try to impress girls. It’s so annoying! I hate how jocks think just cause they’re good at a sport makes them all impressive and “the Mr.ToughGuy”. So one day, i walked up to him and his little group of “Mr.toughguys” and i said:” just stop acting all tough! Its annyoing and no1 honestly cares about how ‘strong'(did the goute goute finger thing) you are.” Boy did he “intemidate” me (lol) all he did was basiclly talk about some thing he was good at and tried to threaten me w/ that. Besides that, my main goal when i looked up how to deal with jocks was to find out why they act the way they do. If u some how intuprurt this into your book, i think it’ll be really helpful.
    p.s. is there a reason?

  4. Thanks 4 answering my question Richard. I really hope that they’ll work, most likely will seeing as you went through it. And i’m reallu glad to hear that if i’m my typical nerdy self i’ll sucssed in the job department. my mom always said: “be careful which nerds you make fun of, ‘Cause u could end up working 4 them”, to my brother, cause he’s also a jock. i really want to be an aurthor, i’ve wanted that since like 3rd grade, which is when i started the seiries. Tho, it was terrible so i re-wrote it and now i’ve got 7 books. i do realistic fiction and sci-fi. sorry i went off topic there. well thx again 4 answering my questions.

  5. p.s. U shouldn’t change the book title. I could read that title and easily agree w/ it

  6. I gotta guess that you weren’t exactly popular in school. The thing about the popular kids is that what makes them popular is that people actually like them. You can hate a bully but if you get bullied and you never fight back your a p***y. Nerds are Nerds because they are outcasts. People don’t like them. They are not accepted. People say that nerds rule the world but how do you rule the world if no one likes you. You have to have social skills in order to succeed in life. Even if your soooo smart (which many nerds say they are constantly because they have nothing else) you wont get a job if your intervier hates you.

    • Mysterious One

      Why don’t you shut the hell up and shvoe your anti-nerd prejudice up your ass, you ass kisser of a jock?! Who the hell are you to decide what nerds lives should be?

      People can be successful without being too social. Hell, there were a number of successful introverts in this world. And there still are now.

      It’s ironic that you called these jock-hating and nerd-loving people haters when you’re one yourself. What if you were a jock, a nerd hires you, and he or she finds out that you picked on her or him in school? He or she would either lord over you or fire you.

      If you’re reading this Richard/Rick, can you please delete “Yall are haters'” comments? This webpage is for nerd lovers and jock haters only. Besides, I’m fed up with with nerd haters bullying nerds for who they are.

    • You are a retard

      You are fucking retarded, nerds are people who do what they love to do and get hated on about it. Let’s say I’m a nerd in high school, then when I get an interview, chances are the person giving me the interview doesn’t even know me! So how do they hate me already? You don’t deserve to live. Use your brain.

  7. Is this page still open? I came across this on the internet. I was a “jock” in High School and thought I’d give a different take on it…

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