“Everything is designed. Few things are designed well.” +Brian Reed

Design is important….REALLY IMPORTANT! Especially when it comes to websites. Like many industries, there are people who do things well, and there are others that…well….umm…don’t.

To wrap up my 4 week series on local marketing, I wanted to focus on what your site needs to have to make this work for your company’s website. I’ve written quite a few posts on search engine optimization and web design, but I cannot stress this enough!

Start in the Footer
One of the things that is often over looked in “an awesome design” is placing the address of the company on that page. Not just the “Contact Us” page…EVERY PAGE!

The approach that I typically prefer to use, is to place contact information into the footer of the site. This way every page has the information on it. When Google crawls your website it will begin associating things like Zip codes and City names with the content on your page. More importantly, the footer is your “last chance” at getting a user to contact you before they head off to a different website, so make sure that if they scroll through all of that content you’re writing that they know how to get ahold of you.

Keyword Stuffing
The next step is to make sure that you’re also putting town names into your copy on the site. It helps tremendously to have association between your service and your location. For The Ohlmann Group, we are interested in having customers who are searching for web design; however, the competitiveness on this keyword phrase is VERY HIGH! Also most of the items that populate from it are national organizations who have size on their side. We aren’t a large agency, so we compete more for local attention. For us keyword phrases like dayton web design or ohio web design are important. Equally important is that these phrases are placed into the copy on our site.

This does not mean that you get to run through your site’s copy and throw up all over the page…

dayton web design

dayton web design
dayton web design

….because if you do….you will be black listed. Tricking Google is a VERY BAD thing. They will punish you. Unlike the Mafia who are gentle and only break your knees. Google will make sure that no matter what, you will not appear on search results. It happens.

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