finding passionate employees

finding passionate employees

So today a friend told me how she was having a difficult time deciding which of the several canidates she should hire to fill a position in her organization.  This gave a feeling of true ecstasy because it meant that I got to pull one of my theories from my bag of tricks.

With unemployment at record highs, this means that now more than ever there is an amazing pool of talent to choose from.  The unfortunate thing for most of those people is that they haven’t found a clear way of differeniating themselves from the pack.

The theory that I’ve been playing around with based upon this is fairly simplistic.  While I was at my last employer, a web design studio, I developed the belief that there was one constant: we could teach people how to design better, we could teach someone how to code cleaner, we could teach someone how to be better at sales, but the one thing that we couldn’t teach was how to be an awesome person.

It stands to reason that if there are two identical applicants on paper: both with the same GPA from two comprable universities, who are both equally qualified from an experience level, that there are outside elements which would differentiate them from one another.  It could be any number of things: what do they do in their spare time?  Do they sit at home playing Halo or are they out in the community getting involved.  Maybe they are working on a side project, which would show some entrepreneurial strengths.

These are key differentiators, which show the character of an individual.  A person with curiosity and a willingness to try or a sense of a great purpose is always more likely to help your organization to excel than someone who is simply hanging out on the sideline.  You cannot fake passion in as much as you cannot instill it into people….no matter how many bonuses you hand out.

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