GREEN[but not so]PEACE[ful anymore]

GREEN[but not so]PEACE[ful anymore]

My lazy days are over (again).  I’ve gone through some big transitions again, dumped a big pile of projects onto my plate, but it’s time to come out from under the rug and start kicking ass and taking names again.  Too many people have been putting out crappy ads without being verbally abused by me….and that’s going to stop.

To kick things off again, let’s talk about an underdog who’s started pissing on people’s leg.  GREENPEACE.  That’s right, the hippy environmentalists that no one has taken seriously for way too long, are now on the offensive and have big oil in their cross-hairs.


Green Peace has laid new ground in the world of social media.  While most companies have tried and failed to harness the power of the people, finding that their good intentions were turned back on them with the full force of the Twitterati; these guys are orchestrating fake social campaigns on behalf of Shell.

The concept is that Shell invited visitors to their website to create their own ads….it worked for Doritos (and by worked for them, I mean that if the goal was to get a low budget spot with the “football in crotch” punchline….then it worked)…..sorry, back to the regularly scheduled rant:  Let’s hope that Shell’s marketing department is smart enough to know better than to open the flood gates of open sourced ad creation.  Moving forward, the fabricated story continues that the site is then dominated by people creating tongue in cheek ads and eventually overrun with vituperative sabotages.

Of course none of this really happened, but that’s not to suggest that it’s impossible that it could happen (I would vote that it’s exactly what would happen, please see #askromneyfor examples), but what it actually is, is nothing less than a creatively executed, wildly effective piece of propaganda with a very modern twist.

Please don’t think that this is a one hit wonder either, because the week prior to this little nugget of Guerrilla marketing warfare, they released the following video:


Thanks for stopping in, I promise to have something new up in < 3 months 😉





  1. What do you mean, not genuine? I carlely remember these first time around. And the jungle that the Twitter ads used to have in the cinema ad, with the little birds chirruping around the nasty whale’s head when he got knocked out by the giant mallet!! Priceless childhood memories!!!

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