How Hillary Clinton Became Cool

How Hillary Clinton Became Cool

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” +My Mom

It’s always been amazing to me the power of perception. The old cliche suggests that you don’t get to change people’s perception of what they believe about you. I would like to emphatically disagree with that.

This is something that we work with clients on all the time, we call it rebranding. Sometimes people should change their brand….but just don’t… Sherwin-Williams logo, which was a great concept 50 years ago, but in today’s environment looks like an environmentalist’s nightmare (read David’s post on that here). Sometimes this is done because a new CEO wants a new fancier logo (the GAP logo design nightmare of last year). Sometimes it’s because you’re taking a new strategic direction and want to help visually solidify that in people’s mind (The Ohlmann Group did this a year ago when we moved from the moniker of Penny/Ohlmann/Neiman).

A brand doesn’t just relate to a product or company, these are also very important for people. While most people tend to maintain the same personality for years, I think that there are also those who have evolved their personality and their personal brand. I think Hillary Clinton is one of those people who has certainly achieved this very interesting shift. She has gone from being the first lady, to a jaded wife, to independent political activist, to senator, to presidential candidate, to secretary of state. She had always had a certain perception of power, but was never really ‘cool’.

All of this was all in preparation for this one shiny moment in history: TO BECOME AN INTERNET MEME!!!

If you haven’t seen it…it’s pretty hilarious. Texts from Hillary created a huge buzz online in the past few weeks. It shows the Secretary of State in several images “texting” other pop culture figures, in a manner that demands respect. It was funny, it was really funny to think of her in this light. So once again, Hillary has been rebranded….now she’s cool.

This is something that has led to talks about a 2016 campaign run…which started as a joke in a bar room between two friends. That is the power of the internet. I’m not suggesting that this one event would be the reason why she could potentially become the first female president, but it’s also not impossible to see the butterfly effect of how this could ripple out.

This is the power of rebranding when it is paired with the influence and viral nature of the internet. Maybe changing your company’s logo won’t do it, but changing your focus onto making the world a better place just might.

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