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you’re going to be locked up.” +Hunter S. Thompson

Dear Dayton Attractions,

Where are your 4Square Pages? Here’s a quick, easy, place for you to provide tips on what to do at your venue…why aren’t you using it?

Yours Forever,

Curious Inquirer

After a year long hiatus I’m back on FourSquare. Why did I stop? Honestly, I just forgot to install it when I upgraded my phone…which means all of my Mayorships have long since been overthrown…..the crowns cast into the mud.

So, when I jumped back on recently I played around on the website to find out about what was happening on the platform in my absence. One of the things that I noticed was FourSquare pages for businesses. Not really a game changer, but still pretty interesting. It looks like it would take about 20.5 seconds to setup and you can drop in some Tips for visitors to check out.

This could be a great way to highlight some of the hidden gems at local attractions. I had been going to one local destination for 7 years before I found out that they had a restaurant.

So here’s a big shocker: I’m going to answer my own question….

Why aren’t more Dayton attractions using this? Because they don’t know about it. In the day to day trenches of corporate life, it’s hard to stay up to date on the latest and greatest things going on in social media, web2.0, new media (or whatever ‘fun’ new name we’re going to call it this week). So, the issue that most companies have is that they don’t know…what they don’t know.

That’s where my role comes into play. Basically, if I don’t stay fresh on the latest and greatest things out there to market a company…I am borderline worthless. I have to stay ahead of everyone. I have to read Mashable, SmashingApps, and watch/read industry leaders on Twitter/Blogs like it’s my job (basically because it is).

One of the smartest things that a lot of the companies that I’ve been working with lately are doing, is to use David and I as consultants. We go in for 2 to 4 hours a month (depending upon the size/speed of the company) and basically they pick our brains to find out the things that they can initiate internally. We pop in, find out what they’re doing, make some recommendations on things that they haven’t thought about or were not aware of, and then *poof* we strap the cape back on and fly out the window.

So maybe we’re not super heroes, but we are pretty super. It’s really amazing how much a company can get out of having an outsider come in to realign their focus, because in the day to day trenches it’s easy to focus on the thing flying at you, but it is often difficult to remember why you’re there to begin with.

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  1. They are all beautiful and pleeircss! I am torn between 180 and 218. 180 because it shows the character of the people of the Delta. Hardworking and proud! 218 because it also is so symbolic of the Delta in that something of beauty was hidden away, a part of the past, in a abandoned shotgun shack!

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