“I’m here….umm….now what?” +Typical LinkedIn User

“I’m here….umm….now what?” +Typical LinkedIn User

Congratulations! You’re now part of over 300 million professionals…

Here’s what you didn’t ask yourself:

“Why the hell are you on LinkedIn?”

“Well, I went to one of the those social media seminars and they told me that I had to….and everyone else said they were on there…so….I just thought…”


You can’t go to every party, so don’t even try! Of course I’m not suggesting that you shouldn’t be on LinkedIn (so don’t delete your account just yet)….what I am suggesting is that you know WHY you’re there. I’m not on Second Life, because I tried it two years ago and just didn’t like it. I no longer have a MySpace account, because I’ve found that it is best for artists and musicians, not for me. There are thousands of other social media and social networking sites that I am not on such as Nexopia, Bebo, Hi5, Tagged, Xing, Skyrock, Orkut, Friendster, Orkut, Xiaonei, Cyworld.  You can’t possibly be a part of every conversation.

It’s a lot like Saturday night, there’s always a lot of great parties going on…..except that these are parties with a few thousand people. There are tons of great conversations going on, but you know that you can’t talk to everyone and you can’t be at every party (until they figure out that cloning thing). If you can’t be everywhere and you’re juggling multiple networks already why not make the most of the places you’re at? Maybe it’s time to try to have a few great conversations and be happy that you’re making an impact on those who you communicate with.

There are triillions of conversations that I’m not engaged in, because that really isn’t the goal. If you’re looking to form partnerships, client acqisition, make sure that you go fish where your fish are swimming….not because someone told you that they heard that you might get a bite if you go there…..

linkedinMake sure that your marketing effort match with your marketing strategy….make sure that your marketing strategy alligns with your organization’s vision, mission, and goals…..and ask WHY you’re doing things before you jump into another social media platform.

Thanks for listening, you’ve been great, I’ve been Richard Kaiser.

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  1. Und war daher, nicht wie in der heutigen Zeit, ein sehr günstiges und alltägliches Gericht.

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