Lessons Learned From Getting My Ass Kicked…


Saturday Morning

Saturday Morning

Product Placement for Archer’s Farms!

Money Maker = Ruined


Friday night as I was walking home from one of the local watering holes, I was assaulted by what later I would find out to be two young males in a red pickup truck with one girl in the truck as well.  I do not remember anything about the attack, because of two predominant factors: alcohol and that they were attempting to learn bongos using the top of my head as a drum.

First and foremost, I am fine.  The injuries sustained are not permanent.  They managed to knock lose a tooth and fracture one of my crown, I have some bruised ribs, and a fading boot print on my forehead.  While none of this seems to many of my friends and loved ones as something to be grateful about, I assure you that I am thankful that it was not worse.  Less than a month ago a young man was placed in the hospital for 2 days, while I will survive the inconvenience of not being able to wear a contact for a week or so, until the blood vessels mend.

I have not reported this to the police, because A) I have no recollection of the events…I woke up with two mutual friends helping me back to my feet and taking me home…and B) I DO NOT by any means want people to think that Downtown Dayton is any more unsafe than any other neighborhood in the greater Miami Valley.

This was a senseless act of random violence.  As best I can tell, it is likely that this was some sort of gang initiation from the East side gangs, beat up a random person and you’re in. With all of my heart I have been a long standing cheerleader for Downtown Dayton because of it’s vibrant art scene, it’s eclectic food selections, and by the sheer veracity of its citizens to refuse to give up on this place we call home.

One comment that has troubled some friends is that I have repeated over and over again, that I am glad that it was me and not someone else.  I can handle this.  It will not break me.  I will not let anyone take my power to feel safe here;  I love this city too much.  I have gained some incredible friendships here and this is my home.  Some of those friends spent time with me this weekend while I licked my wounds….thank you with all of my heart.

Please don’t feel bad for me, because this random thing happened to me.  I would rather people take the time to think upon the incredible unfair situations that we place upon the lower class.  The separation between the rich and upper class has continued to spread with no end in sight.  It is because of these desperate situations that we drive people to desperate measures when they are unable to see a future that is promising.  Without hope, people will continue to take to dark arts for gainful employment.


Good as new!

Good as new!I did not have a very healthy upbringing.  I did many things that I still have yet to make amends for in this world.  I am not angry with the people who attacked me, I pray that hopefully they too will find people in their lives, as I have, who can point out a better path forward.

Thank you to everyone for your concerns for my safety, but I promise I’m fine.  I would prefer not to talk about the events because it’s somewhat embarrassing at this point.  This will soon be a distant memory, but these events won’t stop until we stop living in our bubbles of our day to day lives and start to focus on taking care of all of our brothers and sisters.

Take care of each other.





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