Mind Your Business

The origins of this mantra can be traced back to a biblical times.  It made the voyage across the pond into colonial times and transformed into “Mind your beeswax” as one theory suggests was a common phrase around fires while women turned candles.  In more modern times, there was 2000 release of promising TV series M.Y.O.B. which recorded 7 shows, but was dropped off the air before the last three could air.

As for me, there still remain restless nights as over and over again Will Smith says this phrase in an episode of the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air*.  The whole thing stems from a polite way to remind people to respect other’s privacy, which in its own right is a novel concept; however, the other day I thought of how detrimental this is in the business world.

From an associate standpoint, I can think of nothing worse than a cold relationship with your customers/clients.  These relationships obviously exists, i.e. they call you up from time to time to fill an order, you exchange pleasantries, and bid adieu.  It’s not the type of relationship that has any investment from either side and so likely it will come to pass that someone will come along who will underbid your organization to steal the client from you.  It happens everyday, as it should.

The internet has taken all of the world’s information and put it at your finger tips.  Never before has information about your customers and their competitors been more readily available.  The real question now is what are you going to do with that information?

Will you use it to discover trends in your customers business?

Will you share new stories and opportunities with your clients?

Will you create a blog to provide thoughts and insight into business?

Or will you spend your time looking up another cat video?

There are so many ways that businesses can use the internet to strengthen their relationship with their clients.  It goes beyond just sending the monthly newsletter.  You can share knowledge and creativity on social media platforms.  You can create a valuable relationship with your clients.  I cannot recommend looking into this enough, because there is another thing available on the internet: a list of all of your competitors.  Some of them are offering lower prices, what are you offering them?

*View at your own discretion:


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