Mobile Sites = why you probably don’t need one….

Mobile Sites = why you probably don’t need one….

This will probably start a fight (as my image of the West Side Story fight scene suggests)…anyway…here goes…..

To all of you mobile version pushers:


Here is what happens….

New technology comes out, in this case Mobile versions of websites.  Pushers use this equation: New technology that clients don’t understand + bullshit statistic = I can sell them something that they probably don’t really need.

If your agency is pushing you to get a mobile version, look them straight in the eye and say this:

+ WHY?

– “1 in 4 people are accessing the web via their mobile device and that this would be a great thing for you to have for your clients…”

STOP THEM RIGHT THERE…and ask them this:

+ Are my clients accessing our site via mobile device?

– “well, I’m not sure….”

+ “You mean you didn’t look at our Google Analytics to tell if people are using mobile to come to our site?”

– “Umm, well no….” *sheepishly*

+ “Well, [insert name here], why don’t you look into that before we decide to spend part of our budget on something that we don’t know that we really need.”

– “I guess you’re right…I should have done that….by chance are you reading Richard Kaiser’s blog, because that guy is making my life suck, because now instead of tricking you into buying whatever I say, now I have to do my homework….he’s a real jerk.”

As they walk out of your office with their tail between their legs….if you want to throw one last jab in there… might ask them this:

+ “One last thing….while you were designing the site out and making it look “really cool”…..why didn’t you take the time to think of designing it out functionally so it would be easy for people to use on a mobile device?”

They will instantly break down crying…..or your money back.






  1. It’s just way too easy to make web sites mobile, that NO web site should not be mobile. Even the measly (awesome-looking) sites I built for myself are somehow mobile.

  2. That is some of the most well-written arrogance that I’ve ever read.

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