News That Isn’t News

News That Isn’t News

With 24/7 broadcasting came a new day for the news networks.  They could now repeat the same news over and over and over and over.  Viewers were able to witness the same story through different lenses by simply changing the channel.

fake newsThe problem with the saturation of “news” is that a lot of crap gets moved into the fold.  Worse for reporters is that any average Joe with a smart phone can decide at a moments notice that he is now going to become one of the 100 million bloggers who add content to the tangled web that is the internet.  A 8 megapixel camera phone and a free Twitter account = congratulations, you’re a journalist.  It’s the new media revolution.  While every journalist who just read this scoffed in disgust, it’s nothing short of the absolute truth.

The first images of the plane that landed in the Hudson (circa 2009) came from Janis Krums who Twittered it from his iPhone, and posted via TwitPic. miracle-on-the-hudson

The simple fact is that reporters are going to have a much harder time gaining any sort of readership (trust me I sympathize….no one reads what I write).  What I can tell you from my experiences, is that you need to be really good.  No….wait….better than that even.  You need to be down right bad ass.

What prompted this post?  Well, I read an article from the local paper.  It turns out that 2012 is going to be a bad year for manufacturing in Dayton, Ohio.  Not sure exactly how they missed this detail, but it’s going to be a bad year for stage coach drivers….

Seriously….if you read that article and it doesn’t make you angry for them providing you with….well NOTHING.

This IS NOT NEWS!  The economy in the United States has been on going for 30 years.

Seriously….please attempt to report NEWS and if you can’t find your own…help publish someone else.

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