“Not all quotes on the internet are accurate” +Abraham Lincoln

So, it’s Thursday and I still don’t have my topic on what to blog about this week.  I’m just not finding that divine inspiration this week….then of course Shelby pops up on my chat screen and despite not having any audio, I can hear that shrill voice pelting out “HEY, WHERE’S YOUR BLOG POST FOR TODAY?”….In real life she doesn’t sound like the Wicked Witch of the West, but on a Thursday when you’re faced with a deadline and you’ve got NOTHING….that’s what she sounds like in my head.

Finally I decided to write a blog post on things that you can blog about (brilliant, I know).  This is something that some of my clients struggle with when I ask them to start blogging on their websites, so I thought it would be good to share…Without further adue, here is the list of things to blog about:

  • Time management.  Think of the apps, tricks, and tools that you use to free up a few extra minutes every week.  Everyone in business is looking for ways to get more time out of the day, if you provide them with a solution, they will like you for it.
  • Personal development.  Write about something that you’ve done for yourself lately that made you feel like a better person.
  • A risk you took. Everyone loves to read stories about someone who takes a big leap of faith and it works out.  Think back, you’ve got a story in there somewhere, even if it’s just the day you decided to rock brown shoes with a black belt…you rebel.
  • A book you read.  Give credit where credit is due.  The reason why I know so much about web design and marketing strategy….is because I ripped ideas off of a bunch of really smart people when I read their books.
  • An interview.  These should be really fun to do.  Call up someone that you respect and ask them about what they do to be awesome everyday.  Interview people in the organization that you work for, interview people that you help (AKA Clients), or if you’re a non-profit you should probably be interviewing your donors and asking them why they give to your organization.  Always good to help remind them why they love you.
  • Something you know a lot about.  This one is pretty self explanatory.
  • Something you want to learn more about.  Learning a new language?  A new skill set?  Why not tell the story of your struggles and triumphs.
  • Something that is right in your niche or area of interest.  Something new coming into the mix? Tell somebody about it.
  • Something that is wrong or could use a fix. Are you doing something that separates you from the rest of the pack? Maybe you’re an awesome marketing firm that puts the focus on creating results for clients instead of winning awards….I mean thats just a hypothetical example…..(or is it?).
  • Your favorite Charity.  Not sure if you’ve been paying attention, but people in NFP Land are STRUGGLING lately, demand is up, donations are down….give them a nice little shout out.
  • Family trips.  There are probably a million wonderful examples from your family trips that could be turned into a good business moral type of blog post.
  • The scariest thing that ever happened to you.  Drama, fear, perhaps a damsel in distress? You’re going to capture my attention.
  • You most embarrassing moment.  Just do it….it will be painful for a second, but once you throw it out there, people will appreciate that you can poke fun at yourself.
  • About your mentor. Remember those people who were a big influence on you and helped you get to this point…their advice is just as solid today as it was then.

Alright, so there I did it….one blog post on thing to blog about.  You’re welcome :)

One last thing, Shelby, I love you and please don’t beat me up for poking fun.   :)  For anyone still reading this….it’s Shelby’s Birthday today…be sure to give her a shout on Facebook!

But Have You Written Your Blog Post, My Pretty

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