tv advertising is dead, long live tv advertising

tv advertising is dead, long live tv advertising

The message keeps getting repeated by those in new media “traditional media is dead”.  Well, that’s certain fine for people to have their opinions…(even if they’re silly opinions).

The truth of the matter is that while new media is the cool new kid on the block, it hasn’t made traditional media irrelevent.  The recent 3 Screen Report from Neilsen,  shows an increasing trend in the number of people who are simultaneously watching television while surfing the web.  This isn’t a small group of tech nerds…there’s a critical mass here: 59% of Americans surf the Internet and watch TV at the same time at least once a month.

If you’re seeing an ROI off of traditional methods and you’re moving into using social media, in the last seconds of the ad let people know that they can find you on Facebook (there’s a good chance they’re on Facebook anyway).  This is only a micro-example of how to tie-in new and traditional media.  For achieving the best results you really need to understand how to use an integrated strategy to combine paid, owned, and earned media.

And for all of the non-believers who feel that pulling the plug on traditional to move to new media, here is my trump card: one of the most innovative companies in the entire world continues to use television advertising, BECAUSE IT’S STILL EFFECTIVE!  The company is called Apple.

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