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As my very prolific boss, David Bowman, likes to point out, we are now living in a world where everyone is a broadcast channel. We are creating content at a rate never before seen in the history of mankind. The tweets and posts that we create throughout our daily routine will one day become historical records of our lives that one day our children’s grandchildren will be able to reference.

While it’s very interesting to think about future generations being able to see who we were, it is also incredibly humbling to think that our footprint on the world will have more data to back it up than even the greatest men in the world. There will be more information about your life than that of Napoleon, George Washington, etcetera, etcetera…

It’s weird to think about this or to ponder the idea of Thoreau as a teenager, complaining about his mother (or the fact that Thoreau had a mother):

Tweet: “My mother is being very opposed to my ideas of transcendentalism…she is such a tool”.

Imagine being able to have access to all of the information of George Washington’s life:

Status update: “Today Martha made biscuits, they were repulsive, lol, jk”

These are whimsical examples and it’s far more likely that they would have used these tools for far less mundane things, less focused on “today I ate at Wendy’s” and more inspiring messages.

While thinking about this I started to think more about myself and how I have used these tools “hey, I’m at a bar….again”. This really made me think that I need to starting thinking differently about how I want the world to remember me.

Perhaps today is a day that I need to begin being REMARKABLE.

Think about that word for a minute…remarkable: worthy of making remarks about.

Then also take this theory into the business realm.  Five generations from now, after we’re all dead and gone, will people look back at your organization with admiration of how you helped to change the world? Will people think of you and your business in a positive light? Or will future generations look at us in disgust for using up all of the oil, destroying the environment, in an effort for short term gains that are petty and self centered.

I know that this doesn’t sound easy, it’s far easier to ignore this fact and to continue living inside our shell of day to day monotony; going to work, stop at the grocery, get stuck on the freeway, update Facebook, make dinner, tv turns on, brain turns off, and go to sleep to repeat the following day.
At some point, we will all be under the scrutiny of future generations…and this may sound like finger wagging…and maybe it is…but if you pull anything from this, I hope that it is a decision to be more prolific, more inspirational…while I know that I will not stop my Four Square check-ins…I do hope that my muse will continue to provide me with words such as this blog post, to help to inspire more people to be inspirational.

As always, thank you for reading, you’ve been wonderful, I’ve been Richard Kaiser.



    I was looking at (and grabbing) images of George Washington for an art piece I want to do when I came across your blog. I was surprised after reading what you wrote because it was exactly what I needed to think about at the moment. Thanks for the inspiration. 🙂

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